Frequently Asked Questions




For up to date information on the status of our venues and events please see our COVID statement.

How can I book tickets?

Online - There are no booking fees online. Go to the homepage and select the show you want to see.

Telephone - KX Tickets (General Enquiries): 0844 815 7151
We are open from 9am until 9pm every day. Calls cost 7p per minute, plus your standard network rate.

At the venue - Check venue information to find out when the venue box office open for ticket sales.

Can I select my seats?

Yes. If your device is compatible a live seating plan will be available from which you can choose your own seats. If you are unable to load this on your device, or if you would rather have the best available seats chosen for you, then your seats will be selected for you after asking you a range of questions regarding your preferences.

Can I buy tickets for someone else?

If you buy tickets for somebody else, or an individual other than the person purchasing the tickets will be collecting them, please fill in the appropriate field whilst creating your booking. Alternatively, please contact the Box Office on the relevant number above, or by email at Without letting us know in advance it will not be possible for people to pick up tickets without the confirmation email, reference number, or card that was used to purchase the tickets.

What are the booking fees?

If you book by phone there is a booking fee of £2 per ticket. There are no fees at all if you book online or in person at one of our venue Box Offices. There are a no fees whatsoever if you choose the ‘Print at Home ‘option. However, please note that we may not be able to provide the 'Print at Home' feature for all productions.

What is the delivery fee?

There is a dispatch fee of £1.75 for all bookings that are printed by KX Tickets to be sent via post or collected from the Box Office. If you book online and choose the 'print at home' option, you can print your tickets immediately, without paying the dispatch fee. If you choose to have your tickets posted to you, your tickets will arrive no later than five days prior to the performance. If you book less than five days prior to the performance, you will need to collect your tickets from the Box Office. We are unable to post tickets to addresses outside the UK. Please note that we may not be able to provide the 'Print at Home' feature for all productions.

I have an offer. How can I use it?

Depending on the offer you have been given, you may be asked to enter a promo code when you have added tickets to your basket or it may be applied automatically, depending on the date(s) and configuration of items in your basket.

Please note that all offers and discounts are subject to availability, cannot be combined and are not to be applied retrospectively.


Can I pay using my debit/credit card?

We can accept Visa Credit, Visa Debit, Switch, Mastercard and American Express.

How do I use credit on my KX Tickets account

If you have had tickets exchanged or refunded to credit then it is very easy to use.

Once you have selected your desired performance, date and time simply login to your account and at the checkout tick the box that says 'use my credit (£xx.xx)' then continue with the confirmation process as normal.

If you have not logged on before just enter your email address and click on the 'forgotten my password' button and the reset information will be sent to you.

Do you accept SOLT Tokens?

Yes. KX Tickets can accept SOLT Tokens for ticket purchases over the telephone or in person. Please note we are unable to accept vouchers for online bookings.

Can I pay using my Paypal account?

We are unfortunately unable to take Paypal payments however you may be able to pay using Apple Pay depending on the event.



When will my tickets arrive?

Print at Home tickets will be sent via email once payment has been made and the booking confirmed. If your tickets are being delivered by post they will arrive no later than five days prior to the performance. If you book less than five days prior to the performance, you will need to select ‘print at home’ or collect your tickets from the Box Office. If your tickets have not arrived five days prior to the performance, please contact to arrange duplicates which will be held at the venue Box Office for you to collect.

How do I arrange replacement tickets?

If your tickets have been lost or damaged, please contact the ticketing agent you booked with. If you booked with KX Tickets, please let us know as soon as possible. We are unable to post reprinted tickets and you will need to collect them in person from the venue Box Office prior to the performance. We will need to see your confirmation email, reference number, or the card you originally paid with before we can reissue your tickets. There is a reprint fee of £1.50 per ticket.

Can I exchange my tickets?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have adopted a more flexible exchange policy. We will exchange your tickets to a different date or time of the same production or event, provided we are given at least 24 hours' notice. There is no charge for exchanging.

If you exchange, your original tickets will become void and can no longer be used for entry.

If you would like to exchange your tickets, please contact us at

Our usual (non-Covid-19) exchange policy is as follows:

We may be able to transfer your tickets to an alternative performance of the same production in certain circumstances. Exchanges cannot be made fewer than 48 hours prior to the start of the performance and is always at the final discretion of the venue Box Office Manager. There will be a £1.50 admin fee per ticket to cover the incurred costs of providing this service. The new tickets can only be allocated to seats of the same price, or greater upon payment of the difference in value.  We are unable to post exchanged tickets and you will need to collect them in person from the venue Box Office prior to the performance. Please note that you will need to return the original tickets by post or in person before we can issue any exchanged tickets.

Can I get a refund for my tickets?

Once you have purchased tickets they cannot be refunded, unless the performance has been cancelled or rescheduled. KX Tickets is not liable for adverse weather conditions, travel arrangements, or other factors that may cause you to request a refund.

If you purchased our KX Tickets Ticket Refund Insurance at the time of booking then please read the below:

Ticket Refund Protection

How to apply for a refund via the KX Tickets Ticket Refund Protection Scheme:

To apply for a refund through KX Tickets TICKET REFUND PROTECTION SCHEME, please click this link and select one of the reasons stated below. Please ensure that you have your KX Tickets order reference number to hand which can be found at the top of your purchase receipt.

Ticket Refund Protection Scheme Terms and Conditions (when purchased in conjunction solely with Event Tickets)
If a Customer or a member of the Customer’s party, are unable to attend or arrive late and as a result are unable attend a booked event as a direct result of a reason stated below, the Customer may be eligible for a refund of the total purchase price of their ticket (including all additional fees):

  • Inability to attend due to accident, bodily injury or illness

  • Death of a member of the Customers party or an immediate family member

  • Transit Delay including breakdown or failure of transport whilst travelling to the event

  • Strikes, Riots, Civil Commotion, Martial Law

  • Restricted access to the venue caused by flood, fire, explosion or the act of a constituted authority to protect public health and safety

  • Adverse weather including snow, fog, frost or storm preventing attendance at the venue

  • Jury service

  • The Customer being required to remain at home due to fire, accident, burglary, storm or environmental damage

  • Being the victim of a Robbery, Mugging or Physical assault whilst travelling to the Event

In the event that a Customer wishes to apply for a refund of the cost of their ticket due to one or more of the reasons stated above, they should visit this link as soon as practically possible. All refund claims must be made within 14 working days of the incident that leads to an application for a refund being made under KX Tickets Refund Protection terms and conditions.

Supporting Documentation required to apply for a refund

For all refund applications the original unused tickets and a copy of the KX Tickets ticket purchase receipt must be submitted within 14 days of the incident that leads to the refund request. In support of the refund application, in addition to the ticket purchase receipt, the applicant will have to produce one or more of the following supporting documents:

  • A doctor’s note or report for accident or illness claims or a death certificate where appropriate

  • Confirmation from the rescue/ repair service or public transport provider. For the breakdown of a private vehicle, where no rescue or repair service applies, a copy garage repair bill or parts receipt or in the case of a motor accident claim, confirmation from the vehicle motor insurers, vehicle repairers or police.

  • Confirmation from AA Roadwatch, Transport Police or similar as appropriate

  • Confirmation letter from the court

  • Letter from the Police, Fire Brigade or Household insurer

  • Police or hospital report to confirm incident

  • The original unused ticket or assignment of rights to the non-issued tickets

  • Any reasonable additional evidence which KX Tickets or their agents may request

Reasons why an application for a refund may be declined

KX Tickets reserves the right not to offer a refund in any event of:

  • Any contractual dispute or breach of the KX Tickets Ticket Refund Protection Scheme Terms and Conditions

  • A lack of care, diligence or prudent behaviour by the Customer or a member of the Customers’ party, the results of which would increase the risk, and/or likelihood of a loss

  • Failure of the Customer or a member of the Customers’ party to observe and comply with the requirements of any law, ordinance, court or regulatory body

  • Any fraud, misrepresentation or concealment

  • Any Financial Failure or lack of or inadequate sales

  • Any actual or threatened War, invasion, act of foreign enemies, or hostilities (whether war declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power

  • Any confiscation, nationalisation, requisition or destruction of or damage to property by or under order of any government or public or local authority.

  • Ionising radiations or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel, the radioactive, toxic, explosive or other hazardous properties of any explosive nuclear assembly or nuclear component thereof, nuclear reaction, nuclear radiation or radioactive contamination.

  • Seizure or destruction under quarantine or customs regulations, confiscation, nationalisation or requisition or destruction of or damage to property, by or under the order of any government or public or local authority, or the handling of contraband or the engaging in illicit trade or transportation.

  • Seepage and/or pollution and/or contamination at the venue.

  • Failure, in the event of bodily injury or illness, to consult a duly qualified medical practitioner and comply with the medical advice given.

  • The actual or threatened malicious use of pathogenic or poisonous biological or chemical materials

  • Death, bodily injury or illness directly or indirectly caused by or resulting from suicide or intentional self- injury or criminal act by the customer or a member of the Customers’ party

  • Death, bodily injury or illness directly or indirectly caused by or resulting from any condition which existed prior to the start of the Customer’s {} Ticket Refund Protection Scheme participation

  • Non appearance by any act, artist, performer, celebrity or team.

  • Any declared epidemic or pandemic by the World Health Organisation, and/or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and/or Atypical Pneumonia and/or Avian Flu and/or any threat or fear of any of the above (whether actual or perceived).

  • Any act of or threat of or fear of Terrorism (whether actual or perceived)

  • Any loss of or no play caused by any weather condition which reduces or prevents play at any outdoor sporting event on the day itself.

  • Cancellation or Abandonment of any performance

Unless we agree otherwise

The language of the document and all communications relating to it will be English; and all aspects of the document, including negotiation and performance, are subject to English law and the jurisdiction of English courts.

What should I do if I haven’t received an email confirmation?

Please check your 'junk' or 'spam' folders. If your confirmation email has been delivered to one of these folders, please add our address to your saved contacts. If you haven't received a confirmation email at all, please email and your confirmation email can be re-sent.


I need to make a complaint, who should I contact?

If you have a grievance then please contact or call 0333 320 1663 and inform us of the nature of your complaint. Please supply as much information as you can (date/time/order number etc.) Your message will be reviewed and you will recieve a response within three days. If we are unable to resolve the dispute we will pass it on to the appropriate people who can (venue/producer/agent) or to a suitable higher authority within the business.

If we are unable to settle any dispute by negotiation and you are not satisfied with our final response, you may attempt to settle it through Alternative Dispute Resolution and can contact The Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers (STAR). We are members of STAR and they provide a free and approved dispute resolution service for customers of STAR members. You can reach STAR on 01904 234 737, or +44 1904 234737 if calling from outside the UK (10am-5pm Monday to Friday), or by completing the complaints form or email If you’d prefer to write to them, their address is:

Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers
PO Box 708
St Leonard's Place

As an online trader, pursuant to European Union legislation, you may use the following link to the European Commission's Online Dispute Resolution platform HERE, where you can access further information about online dispute resolution.

Specific Requirements

Please see our dedicated page for access bookings.


Is there an age recommendation for the theatre?

Children under two years of age will not be admitted to a venue, for any performance except those clearly marked as FAMILY – SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES. Other restrictions may apply depending on which production you are booking for. Please check before purchasing your tickets. Should the performance allow babes-in-arms, (when clearly marked as FAMILY – SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES) they must have a seat paid for at full price unless there is a specific concessionary price and instruction labelled for the show.

What is the latecomers policy? Can I be re-admitted if I leave?

The latecomers and readmittance policy will differ depending on the production. Please visit the corresponding show information section which you can navigate to from the homepage; or call our sales teams for information.

Can I take photos/film/record sound of the performance?

It is illegal under UK copyright law to record any aspect of the performance.


The full Terms and Conditions for your booking can be found at

By purchasing tickets you agree to our terms and conditions.